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So I'm sort of testing a theory on myself...'s this thing I do: almost without fail, if I have just started writing or thinking about writing a story, and I post something saying, 'ooo, I'm going to write/am writing this', it pretty much guarantees I will immediately stop or never start writing that story. Which is sad, but makes my life easier.

So, I am suffering severe Leverage (read : ELIOT) withdrawal, and have thus been hunting up Other Stuff With Christian Kane In It. There is not nearly enough of said stuff, really. The man is so unappreciated. But anyway, so I have watched 7 of the tragically only 8 episodes of Rescue 77. (I'm saving the last one for tonight.) And... I love Lindsey (Lindsay?) as much as the next drooling fangirl, but seriously? Wick Lobo IS Eliot Spencer. I mean, really. He's like, little baby adorable not totally fucked in the head yet Eliot Spencer. Like, post-Army, pre-Retrieval Specialist Eliot Spencer. Wick Lobo is my new head canon.

Which is to say, Rabid Bunny Gnawing on my Brain: After Eliot got out of the Army and tried to go home, he got desperately bored in Kentucky, and created this double life out in California as Wick. Possibly just telling Aimee he re-enlisted, or not really telling her anything, just vanishing for weeks or months at a time, as he would continue to do. And Rescue 77 happened. And then something else happened and Eliot had to or chose to ditch the Wick Lobo ID, and began his life of crime, which he did under his real name for whatever reason. And then one day the Leverage team gets a client who's been done wrong (or claims they have) by William Bell, CEO and little brother of Michael Bell, Wick Lobo's fellow paramedic from back in the day (the Bell company is Rescue 77 canon). Dun-dun-DUN, hijinks and probably slashiness ensue. (Yeah, that's about as much planning as my fics generally get.)

So, it's an idea, and it could be epic. But it probably would be epic, and I don't know if I want or need epic fic in my life right now, so... I'm posting the whole messy idea here, and if I still have the urge to write it, then I guess I'm doomed to do so. But otherwise, maybe someone else will read this and write it first. And then I won't have to. XD

And either way, I will have tested my little self-theory, so yay for that.

In other news, I still could really use some suggestions on my h/c bingo card, if anyone is so inclined. It is here. ^__^;;;
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