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Fic: Out of Context (master post)

Title: Out of Context
Author katiekins22
Rating: Hard R, for violence and language
Genre: Angsty, pre-slash, mainly friendship, some h/c
Word count: 33.5K total (phew!)
Disclaimer: I don't own, or claim to own, anything related to Leverage, except for a couple of tee shirts and a coffee mug.
Spoilers: EVERYTHING. ^_^ This story has a 'current' timeline that picks up in Tap Out Job and runs through the end of season 2, and also lots of flashbacks, most of which I made up, but some of which reference earlier episodes. So, spoilers galore.
Summary: Nate's been trying to figure Eliot Spencer out for a very long time. He's not quite there yet.

A/N - Okay, so this is my obligatory 'my OTP, let me show you it!' story, combined with my obligatory 'my favorite characters' history, let me make it up!' story. Oddly enough, it actually started out being gen, and is still really mostly gen, as Nate is kind of barking up the wrong tree for most of the story and it's all in his POV. I was almost done when Eliot demanded a rewrite. And I really did not want to put the pre-slash warning on it, because it sort of defeats the purpose of using a third-person limited viewpoint, but I wouldn't want anyone violently opposed to slashiness getting a nasty surprise, so there you go. Marvel at Nate's obtuseness instead.

A/N continued - The tenses, yes, they switch. I hope it doesn't drive everyone crazy. The idea is that the 'current' timeline, which is a linear progression through most of season 2, is all written in present tense, while the flashbacks, which are non-linear, are all written in past tense. (Also, it gives my title double meaning, which I giggle about. XD) I've broken the story up so each part contains one present section and one past section, so hopefully it will make sense, as the flashbacks relate to what Nate's thinking about in the current bits. Mostly. Hopefully.

A/N ad nauseum - Little notes: (1) There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to White Collar in here somewhere, because I fervently believe they share a universe. Absolutely no knowledge of White Collar necessary to read the fic. (2) There's really no plot to this, yet again. One of these days I'll get past the character pieces and write some actual caper fic. Maybe. (I keep trying to explain my fics to my mother, and she keeps asking, "But what do they steal?" ^_^;;;) (3) This was the first thing I started writing for Leverage, I've been working on it for months, and my personal goal was to finish it before season 3 starts and possibly blows half of it out of the water, canonically speaking, and I'm very proud of myself for managing a deadline. ^_^ Also, this fic is my precious baby, and probably ridiculously self-indulgent of my fic kinks, so if you hate it, please tell me gently. And now I will shut up and link the parts. ;)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Tags: eliot, fic, nate, out of context
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