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Thus far rather unnecessary sticky post of fic!

So, yeah, I've only got three four! SOME fics up so far. But two of them are of respectable length! And I intend to keep writing in this fandom for a while, so I figured I'd try to keep myself organized from the beginning, so... sticky post. ^_~

For now I'll just list everything. If the list gets too long (a girl can dream she'll be prolific), I'll break it into categories and stick it under a cut. [Just FYI, there is a LOT of stuff under that Assorted comment fic cut. I have a sickness, okay?]

Currently Available Fic Flavors:

Out of Context - link to master post - 33,500+ words of Nate and Eliot pre-slash, spanning their (imaginary) 12 year backstory through the end of season 2

Walk Beside Me - link to master post - almost 13,000 words of gen teamfic, wherein the team finds out Eliot has cancer. Not a deathfic, I swear, though it is angsty like whoa.

Flirting with Danger - Eliot and Sophie one-shot, short and flirty (much like Eliot)

Our electric storms and our shifting sands - Nate/Eliot, dark AU pre-series with oblique references to rape

Who's Got the Clicker? - silly fluffy gen teamfic

Connections 'verse - an Eliot/Maggie comment fic series that shows no sign of ending. Ficlets arranged in chronological order, more or less.
Connections 'verse post one
Connections 'verse post two
Connections 'verse post three

Comment fic posts, mixed pairings or gen by prompt, randomly rearranged and added to when the mood strikes me:

Assorted comment fic post one

which contains: (1)Eliot/Hardison/Parker, Daddy used to say there was a disconnect in Eliot's mind, why no one would ever love him (2)Nate & Eliot, Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Eliot needs a Father figure just as much as Parker and Alec, and sometimes it slaps him right in the face (3)Nate/Eliot, Nate has a kink for a man in boots and jeans

Assorted comment fic post 2

Which contains: (1)Eliot and any, rescuing Eliot from a Nightmare Date, (2)Eliot/Hardison, "I did it thirty-five minutes ago." (Watchmen) (3)Hardison/Eliot, Hardison is working for the government when he goes AWOL. Eliot is sent to retrieve Hardison and his work before he falls into enemy hands, if he hasn't already. (4)Nate/Eliot, Trust - damaging it, losing it, winning it back (5 )Eliot/Aimee, (pre-series) he's home on leave but he seems like he's a million miles away (6) Leverage/Supernatural, Dean/Eliot, Unfortunately, Nate reminds Dean of his Dad

Assorted comment fic post 3

Which contains: (1)teamfic, The team grows to 5 members when Nate refuses to turn his back on a teenaged street kid (Eliot..age 14) who took a beating to protect Sophie or Parker. (2)TeenEliot/Team, Eliot is a runaway that the team takes under their wing.

...okay, you know what? From now on, all comment fics get their own post, because I'm lazy like that. XD

Eliot/Sophie, during a job gone wrong Sophie has to play hostage to Eliot's captor.

Eliot/Nate: drinking makes the pain go away

Nate/Eliot, Nate didn't have to admit to himself that he was a thief

Nate/Eliot/Sophie, explaining their relationship to Hardison and Parker

Nate/Sophie/Eliot, Step inside

Inception/Leverage, Eliot&Arthur, it's been awhile since Eliot saw his little brother
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