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I gots a h/c bingo card!!!!

Because that's totally what I need in my life right now. Comment fic just wasn't eating enough of my brain, apparently.

eating disorders
nervous breakdown
suicide attempt
loss of limbs / limb function
sexual extortion: to keep a secret (adult)
Stockholm syndrome
major illness
difficult pregnancy
severe / life-threatening illness
forced marriage
stalkers / serial killers
werewolves: accidental mating for life w/ inappropriate person
forced soulbonding
loss of voice
brain damage
caught in a robbery
bullet wounds
possession / mind control

So, um... any thoughts? ^_^;;;; I sort of want to try for a blackout, but a couple of these I'm not sure about. And me being me, they'll all have to at least include Eliot. ^_^;;; Anybody have requests, or suggestions? I'll probably put in links to fic as I write them...

I'm so gonna need more icons for this.

8/8, 10am, So I've been perusing the FAQ and FAQ comments over at hc_bingo and apparently it is not allowed to make a dependent series from your prompts. By which I mean, a connected series where one story leads into another, and builds on previous stories, unless you can manage that and still make each story a stand-alone. Which sucks, because (a) my brain automatically has started grouping prompts into storylines, and (b) redundant bingo card is redundant. Seriously, look at my third and fourth lines across. Three prompts apiece that are remarkably similar. I can see going in very different directions with forced marriage, forced soulbonding, and the werewolf bonding one (unrelated topic - wtf do werewolves/vampires/WINGS actually have to do with h/c? Shouldn't there be a supernatural bingo for those kind of prompts? Whev.), but the illness ones in the third line? Meh. PRACTICALLY THE SAME THING.

I could do four of five prompts in the top line as a connected series, but I'm not sure I can make them stand alone. Hmm.

...I really kind of want to write the eating disorders prompt as BED/COE. Because it's the ignored eating disorder. But no one would want to read it but me. Sigh.

First I thought, I want to try for a blackout. Then I got my card and thought, there is stuff on here I just don't want to write. Then I reread the FAQ, and now I think I can come up with interpretations of all the prompts that I could write... but I'm kinda stuck on brain damage. Urgh. I don't want to give Eliot brain damage. Will have to research, and see how far I can bend the prompt. Or, you know, hurt someone other than Eliot. Blasphemy.

Dunno what to do for my wild card. Ha! I should totally use that 'Eliot, drugged and chained up and possibly beaten up/molested by bad guy' scenario I touched on briefly in that f'ed up Nate/Eliot thing I wrote... not connected to that story, of course... hmm.

/thinky thoughts. for now.

9/8, 11:18am, HA HA HA HA. So not even contemplating a blackout as I have yet to complete even one fic for this mess. NOT ONE. I do have one about half done, and I woke up today with an idea for another, but yeah. I'll be thrilled to manage one line at this point. Freaking comment fic uses up my mojo.

So I'm doing the top line, unless random inspiration strikes. Or, you know, anyone gives me a nudge/idea/prompt for some other square. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ...sigh.
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